This tutorial shows you how to add a more versatile washout/watermark page background in Publisher 2002.
  1. Insert your picture into the main body of the publication via Insert >
  2. Right-click it, go to Format Picture
  3. Go to the Picture Tab, under Color, go to Washout
  4. Click OK
  5. Right-click the picture, go to Save as Picture...
  6. Save it to a location where you'll be able to find it again.  (e.g. c:\My
    Documents\My Pictures)
  7. Go to the Master Page (CTRL-M)
  8. Draw a rectangle that fills the whole page.
  9. Right-click the rectangle, go to Format AutoShape.
  10. Under Fill, go to Fill Effects.
  11. Now, choose the next set of steps to suit your scenario.  if you want tiling, choose options a, b, etc.  If you don't, choose
    i, ii, etc
For a tiled background:
  1. Go to Texture
  2. Go to Other Texture
  3. Select the image that you just saved
  4. Click OK twice

For a non-tiled background:

  1. Go to Picture > Select Picture
  2. Select the image that you just saved
  3. If you don't want the image to be stretched, check "Maintain picture aspect ratio"; otherwise uncheck it
  4. Click OK twice

  1. Press CTRL-M again to exit Master Page view.