Tutorials: Creating a Custom Font Scheme

In Publisher 2002 and later (and possibly 2000, I can't remember) you can use Font Schemes to apply a single look across a publication.  However, it seems at first that you cannot build your own custom schemes.  This tutorial shows how.

1) Go to the Font Scheme task pane.

2) Find a scheme that closely matches the one you are trying to create.  If you're creating a blank scheme, choose any scheme, but ignore step 5.

3) Right-click, click Duplicate Scheme.

4) Type in the name of your new scheme.

5) Click on the name of your new scheme

6) Go to the Styles and Formatting task pane.

7) Make changes to the text styles as necessary

8) Go to the Font Schemes task pane.

9) Right-click your new scheme.

10) Click "Update Scheme to match Current Publication"

Presto!  One new font scheme!